Hearthstone Rank Boosting
theNightKing boosted by Evgeny from 8 to 5

Evgeny boosts really fast. Good Stuff!

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
Bill boosted by Evgeny from 11 to 4

Went to sleep and a few hours later when I woke up the boost was complete. Great booster and a nice guy!

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
John boosted by Evgeny from 4 to Legend

Evgeny was the friendliest and chatted with me the entire boost. DId a 4-legend and completed it with about 10 hours played time. Great guy and recommended!!

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
Max boosted by Evgeny from 8 to 5

Fast and good boost always again....
Evgeny really friendly and serious on the work
boost from 8-5 in a great time

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
HAPPY USER boosted by Evgeny from 10 to Legend

He was an absolute blast to work with. He was hard working, motivated and very fast. He literally played for almost 24 hrs straight to complete my order. You are an idiot if you don't pick this guy for your boost.