Champion Mastery
Grant boosted by Teddy from level 4 to level 5

played well and fast

Elo Duoqueue Games
top secret boosted by Teddy for 2 Games at Silver 1

Teddy is the best guy ! He have helped me in Duo to get Gold 5.
I payed for 2 games and got 2 wins. Made a lot of fun with him. Nice communication and great behaviour. See you again bro!

Elo Division Boost
harrry boosted by Teddy from Silver 4 to Silver 3

thank you <3

ELO Wins Boost
T.h boosted by Teddy for 3 Wins at Gold 3

Friendly booster and fast ! Over all good booster.

Elo Division Boost
KentusFre09 boosted by Teddy from Bronze 2 to Silver 5

Very Fast and Good Booster He carried the most of the games and is very friendly. I hope I can get him back for my order in the future.