Teddy is a rly nice booster. He’s doing a great job and works rly fast. I recommend him to everybody from you who wants a fast and reliable booster.

The best booster that you can get!! Good person, you can learn a lot watching him. Amazing streak of 15 victorys. Really thank you. Sure i'll contact him again if i need someone.

Very fun guy, very enjoyed talking to him.
He was rushing my acc from morning till evening (bro, do u even social life? :P)
and the result was a very fast elo boost with no problems.
10/10 would recomment

Teddy boosted me in 1 day from silver 2 with an mmr 15+ into gold 5 . Well done ! It was an nice experince to see how he play this matches and gave me some inspirations to improve my skill. Peace !

Teddy was awesome to play with !!! Very friendly and also gave me tips on what I could do better, would definitely recommend