Reviews of james #27407

Marc boosted by james from Silver II to Platinum III - 30/06/2019

Very nice and quick boosting.
Would definitly order again.
He is also a very chill guy to play with.

Anonymous boosted by james for 8 Wins at Platinum - 29/06/2019


Jordan boosted by james from Gold II to Platinum II - 26/06/2019

Was skeptical before going in, but James changed my mind. He responded quickly, was insanely nice and was very quick. Kept updating me through the whole thing. Great guy <3

Joey boosted by james from Gold III to Platinum III - 24/06/2019

Very efficient and got win after win

Daniel boosted by james from Gold I to Platinum II - 23/06/2019

My booster did a great job he was fast and nice