Reviews of Stanislav #1962

Andrew boosted by Stanislav for 9 wins - 22/07/2017

Stanislav is an awesome booster. I asked for a 9 win arena run while he played with insight and patience, accomplishing my request in pleasant time. Would highly recommend.

Ricky_HS boosted by Stanislav from 4 to Legend - 25/05/2017

Great Job, Coach really polite and available to make me spectate. Rank 4 to legend in a few hours. Thanks a lot!

Sensei boosted by Stanislav from 3 to Legend - 23/05/2017

From Rank 3 to Legend in only 5 hours? This site is amazing.

Thibaut boosted by Stanislav from 3 to Legend - 16/05/2017

My booster was very fast, bad rng at start but he did it in less than 20 hours!!

Håkan boosted by Stanislav from 11 to Legend - 12/05/2017

Im happy!