Hearthstone Knights of the Frozen Throne
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Extremely fast and hearty! highly recommended!

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
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Very smooth service! Nothing else to say, Alex was professional and timely.

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
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Live support responded almost instantaneously to any question I had at any time and were very friendly and helpful.
Alexey finished his boost just under 2 days just like it was promised.
He never gave up, even after games where RNGesus was clearly against him.
Great service, I have no complaints. :D

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
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One day from 2 to legend, he is soo good and friendly !!!

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
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My Booster, Alexey K., took around 2 days to make legend from rank 3. He went through some very bad-luck games which would have make me give up quickly, but he kept on.
Personally, I would recommend this service to other people. They have not so much view on the internet but they deserve it. Professional staff, totally fair prices can be found here. :)