Elo Division Boost
:) boosted by Rafa from Platinum 4 to Platinum 2

Just perfect, really friendly, really god player

Elo Division Boost
harrry boosted by Rafa from Gold 2 to Platinum 5

thank you

LoL Placement Matches
Marvin boosted by Rafa for 10 Games

He win all Promos (10/10) and was very friendly!

Next time I will choose him again.

Elo Division Boost
Darth boosted by Rafa from Gold 4 to Gold 3

Rafa very sweet guy and the URGOD! I will definitely choose him again

LoL Placement Matches
Dominik boosted by Rafa for 2 Games

RAFA was a amazing booster. 100% winrate on ordered games. See u soon :)