Champion Mastery
Kira boosted by Rafa from level 5 to level 6

Really cool player, and he do his job fast! i like him

LoL Placement Matches
Linda boosted by Rafa for 7 Games

Nicely done, even tho it wasn't my prefered champ.

Champion Mastery
Anonymus boosted by Rafa from level 4 to level 6

Well ... he did a champion level mastery from 4 to 6 in no time.
Very good booster. Would highly recommend him . very friendly and a good person to talk to. Looking forward to get coached from him :)

Champion Mastery
Linda boosted by Rafa from level 3 to level 6

Very friendly and effective!

Elo Duoqueue Games
Erik boosted by Rafa for 3 Games at Silver 3

Great guy, good player and very polite. Would recommend to anyone