Reviews of Amin #116535

Buggzz boosted by Amin for 8 Wins in Emerald V

Amazing guy

Marcel boosted by Amin from Platinum II to Diamond 3

He's absolutely amazing. He took me in 2 hours to diamond. He's only and text with me. Thx u will get the next order again. Promise!

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10/10 had it done in less than 10 hours, high KD and only wins. Helped boost renown too which is added bonus :) will always come to him, can trust him with any boost, any request and any operator. Simply the best there is

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Great job, super fast, high KD and high kills and had it done with good communication. Can’t fault & will use again. Thanks bro

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10/10, even with 200+ ping got the job done. One of the best, GOATED. <3