Very friendly guy who completed my order while always making himself available. He spent a lot more time than he had to completing the order as early as possible, this didn't go unnoticed.

Will use him for future orders.

played well together. had to hard carry 2v9 some braindead teammates but thats solo queue =p blake is a great player and easy to mesh with

Hands down amazing booster. Very nice, cooperative and understanding. Very talented and amazing at the game. Recommend Highly.

Blake completed my placements incredibly quickly, maintaining a 80+% winrate. Despite not being on his main champs and role, he played the champions I requested incredibly well and carried the games. Even during a loss Blake was the MVP of the team so MMR didn’t take a hit. Blake was easy to contact and worked to give me a positive experience on the site. I would happily recommend Blake to anyone looking for a reliable and agreeable booster.

Blake constantly has preformed at such a high level. Always prompt and never a problem. Will use again.