J coached by Melih for 10 hours 25/02/2018

super friendly guy with tons of game knowledge! truly amazing guy!!

Jussi coached by Leonardo for 1 hour 25/02/2018

good coach

enoksen coached by Melih for 1 hour 14/02/2018

goood player. try him!

harrry coached by Reda for 1 hour 04/01/2018

thank you <3

Kevin coached by Joseph for 2 hours 15/12/2017

As someone coming back LoL after some years away, I decided to inquire Joseph about coaching to help out my play. Joseph was very helpful, and honest on where I was at and what I needed work on, so I can compete at higher elo. He went into details about my mechanics, which help my play as an ADC tremendously when I started to apply them in-game. What was a nice touch is he add commentary on top of my gameplay and up loaded it as a private unlisted YouTube video, so I may re-watch it just in-case I miss anything. Highly recommend.