Reviews of LoL Coaching

Cultura coached by Jim for 1 hour - 27/04/2019

Good coach! Very clear and very respectful!

Justin coached by Andrei for 1 hour - 20/04/2019

Great guy! Very informative, It was lots of fun

Found coached by Martin for 1 hour - 19/04/2019

Absolute mad lad. Gave me new ideas for playing and helped me understand how to make plays. Had an amazing time playing and he helped me increase my awareness as a support and help me level up!

Kylie coached by Andrei for 1 hour - 17/04/2019

Very Kind and Respectful and Gave a lot of good pointers!

Andrew coached by Banica for 2 hours - 10/04/2019

Very nice coach, even when I would make mistakes. Knew what he was talking about and was very professional.