Reviews of LoL Coaching

Kevin coached by Melih for 2 hours - 05/05/2018

Friendliest coach i've ever meet. Defo choose him as your booster or coach love this guy :D

Kevin coached by Edi for 2 hours - 03/05/2018

Friendly booster highly recommended with great skills

Christian coached by Nathan for 1 hour - 17/04/2018

Nathan is really nice and knowledgeable. Gave me a lot of tips to climb and make an impact on the game to help my team win. I definitely will schedule another session in the near future :) i recommend a coaching session with Nathan to anyone who wants to get better and climb.

Kevin coached by Samson for 2 hours - 13/04/2018

great coaching

Jonathan coached by Samson for 2 hours - 29/03/2018

Great job coaching, gave me some great tips on the positions of support and adc. Filled me in on a few of my deficiencies. Explained when and why I needed to be aggressive or passive based on lanes, other players, and ward locations. Great advice from a really cool coach. Thanks!