Reviews of LoL Coaching

Sven coached by Simon for 1 hour - 08/12/2018

Great and chill guy .Would definitely use him as a coach next time .+rep

Bastian coached by Simon for 2 hours - 30/11/2018

Very nice, slow talking* service!

*You can keep up with the coaching

anonymous coached by Jim for 1 hour - 27/10/2018

Very good insightful information learned alot of things i have to work on will definitely be coming back

Maxence coached by Teddy for 1 hour - 18/10/2018

Super coach , Tres sympathique , joueur très expérimenté , prend le temps d'expliquer les choses , je le recommande et vais d'ailleurs reprendre des heures !

Isak coached by Banica for 1 hour - 15/10/2018

This was a nice guy which learned me something new and very useful about the champion I wanted to play. Good session.