Reviews of HotS Rank Boosting

Sl0b0bdan boosted by Jovan from Silver 2 to Gold 5 - 02/09/2018

went really fast withoung any problems, started as soon as the order was there

Michael boosted by Jovan from Gold 3 to Gold 1 - 24/08/2018

Great communication which is super cool, quick too.

Brett boosted by Jovan from Bronze 4 to Silver 4 - 21/08/2018

Most AMAZING Booster I have ever had the pleasure of working with!

Frank boosted by Simon from Silver 5 to Silver 4 - 21/08/2018


happy client boosted by Ognjen from Platinum 5 to Diamond 5 - 22/07/2018

its not fast .... i don't have time to saw boost its real master