Reviews of HotS Rank Boosting

Joshua boosted by Aleksis from Gold 3 to Platinum 4 - 14/04/2020

Ty for your help during the Corona Virus!

serhat boosted by Jose Luis from Gold 5 to Platinum 4 - 13/04/2020

Jose is a top notch booster and very professional. he understands the game very well he do his best every time. i would like to play with him again in the very near future. cheers!

Lebi boosted by from Platinum 5 to Platinum 4 - 13/04/2020

nice work dude

Lebi boosted by Nikita from Silver 3 to Platinum 5 - 13/04/2020

That winstreak was INCREDIBLE

mehdi boosted by Jakub from Platinum 2 to Platinum 1 - 12/04/2020

he was good rly