Matteo boosted by Mihai from Gold 1 to Platinum 5 08/01/2018

Thanks for your Boost Mihai! 10/10 (this dude has a very good motivaton)

Jonathan boosted by Alan from Silver 4 to Gold 4 01/01/2018

Another awesome boost by Alan, Very fast, 1 loss to gold 4 from silver 5. Very Pro!!!

Ania boosted by Jovan from Silver 5 to Silver 1 31/12/2017

Boosted by Jovan - Amazing speed, great result. I think most of games was MVP (just to emphasise the skill of the booster)

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Magnus boosted by Artem from Silver 5 to Gold 5 24/12/2017

Got the job done quickly and did it well. No complaints!