niherq boosted by Angelo from Platinum 2 to Diamond 2 07/11/2016

Bought boost to diamond 2, was very fast. Thanks! feelsgoodman

Bigfann boosted by Lucas from Silver 2 to Gold 5 01/11/2016

I am pleased to say that the quality of services of this site is the same as of the sites operating in LoL so yeah pretty damn high :p

RandomGuy boosted by Miguel from Bronze 2 to Silver 5 23/10/2016

This service was much better then I expected, it was fast and done well.

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The boosting went well and was fast, also the service was awesome! :D

Jatra boosted by Lucas from Gold 4 to Platinum 2 05/10/2016

Very skillfull and easy carry from the boosters , thank u