Reviews of Rocket League Coaching

Freddie coached by Jonas for 1 hour - 21/06/2018

Really strong player! He should definetely be your first choice! He's not only a very good player but he's also able to tell you how to get rid of your weaknesses fast, a really good teacher =)

elias coached by Louis for 1 hour - 12/06/2018

Really nice guy, and good english and knowledge of the game, im so happy and thanksful i got you thanks alot best coach ever!

Kevin coached by jens for 1 hour - 29/05/2018

Jens is a great person and helped me alot. Would recommend for coaching

Patrick coached by Nils for 1 hour - 10/05/2018

Best Coach. Was a nice hour

Carlosistheman coached by Carlos for 1 hour - 31/03/2018

Hes amazing...I like him the best