Erik coached by Jose for 1 hour 15/11/2017

What an amazing coach! helped me see the little things I was doing wrong. Will be using him again,forsure.

Fotis coached by Jose for 1 hour 14/11/2017

The best coach you can get on this site .For sure I will choose him again. Made me go on my own from plat 2 to dia 3 in 1v1.

Unkown96 coached by Jose for 1 hour 04/11/2017

Jose was soo fast to boost me from dia 2 to dia 3 and he was very nice with me. I suggest higly this guy for boosting

Fotis coached by Jose for 1 hour 03/10/2017

Very nice guy! He knows every possible way to teach you how to improve on anything you like.He makes and give you the perfect examples of you and then he makes you to corect them in no time. Best coach in my opinion , makes the most out of your money.

Hyouka coached by Adrián for 1 hour 25/09/2017

Awesome guy! Good coach, and it was extremely fun to play with him. Now i know more of my mistakes.