Reviews of Rocket League Coaching

André coached by Andreas for 1 hour

I would strongly recommend Andreas De Witte played with this guy for an hour and he teached me like a lot I was a little skeptic in the beginning with those sites if they actually could improve your skill level but then this guy came in and told me what I was doing wrong and how I could improve it and I think im getting there thank you buddy.

Fotis coached by Steffen for 1 hour

Steffen (the best in my opinion) coached me! Its unbelievable what he did in so little time for me! He can make you play like a 10 times better player! And all that in one hour ! Thank you so much Steffen

Igor coached by Andreas for 1 hour

Great coach, taught me how to wall to air dribble, half flip better and aerial.

NoobMaster coached by for 1 hour

Gained some useful tips, props to my coach for that

logev coached by for 2 hours

I sucked at defending but now its going great!