Reviews of Rocket League Coaching

.. coached by David for 1 hour

What a friendly coach!!
he is really friendly and so professional
he gave me some really good tips that I've never found online
I will always choose him as my coach !!

Mark coached by David for 2 hours

After David helped me successfully complete a Champ 2 to GC boost in 2s - couldn't let him go quite yet!

In just 2 short hours of coaching - really learned some important keys to not just getting to a rank; but how to permanently keep it.

David is passionate about Rocket League, and REALLY knows the game well. He is also patient, kind, and a lot of fun to work with. Can't hype up this booster enough!

MoutleX coached by Jose for 5 hours

Amazing coach, in these small 5 hours he managed to show me my short list of things i'm doing right. And the long one of my mistakes. To then help me work on them. If this has all been vain for me, atleast i spectated what it feels like to play Rocket League for real. I thank you, Senpai! For anyone else who wants to improve, this should be your Senpai! Untill we meet again!

Daddy coached by Jorge for 1 hour

Provided great tips and feedback on my playing. I feel as if I have improved a decent amount in the short hour we played!

Me2 coached by Jorge for 1 hour

learnt some nifty stuff, should be able to get gc now thx mans