Reviews of Rocket League Coaching

Keith coached by Ale for 1 hour

Ale is an excellent coach... he helped me ton. He reinforced my positive habits and helped me improve immediately. After the training we played some unranked and it was evident how much the training helped...I totally recommend !

Freeenk coached by Nils for 2 hours

Nils is a really down to earth coach. He was really direct with his observations, and if you ask him to explain more (like I did), he takes you through it really well. He compliments the things you do well, and helps you get focused up on the areas you need to work on. He also helped me find some training packs for my focus areas which was awesome. Will be recommending him to my friends and will be requesting him in about 2 weeks. If you need someone to be direct coach, go with Nils.

alexander coached by Nils for 2 hours


Micah Smith coached by Koray for 1 hour

Invaluable! I can already tell how much its going to improve my game Thanks for your patience and expertise.

Jéan Christaan de Wet coached by David for 3 hours

This is the second time I have used my money on this guy and he's worth every penny that I spent. I have gone from plat 2 to diamond 3 overnight and all thanks to him I can now play rocket league without rage quitting every three seconds. I am willing to pay monthly to play with this guy. He has and can beat many amazing players so he's really worth it especially for someone who isn't comfortable spending that much money. 10/10 would buy again.