Gal boosted by Carlos for 2 matches on 3v3 (Standard) ( +40% ) 26/05/2018

Amazing booster, quick as hell.

Troy boosted by Daan for 3 matches on 2v2 19/05/2018

Great booster thanks!

Nathan boosted by Guille for 10 matches on 1v1 (Solo Duels) 18/05/2018

Really great better than what I was expecting

william boosted by Carlos for 10 matches on 1v1 (Solo Duels) 17/05/2018

placed champ 1/d4, and got it done quickly. happy with my results

WHITECHOCOLATO boosted by Guille for 9 matches on 1v1 (Solo Duels) 15/05/2018

FAST and professional