Tes boosted by Daniel from Champion I to Grand Champion on PC 20/07/2018

Very fast and very satisfied of service :) great work

Nightrush boosted by Blake from Gold III to Platinum II on XBox One 20/07/2018

Wow, playing with you was just great fun. Your volley goals will be awesome. with you again and again!

I was pleased to meet you. Thx Bro

Mark boosted by David from Champion II to Grand Champion on PC 19/07/2018

Working with David was an absolute pleasure.

He is dedicated, hard-working, and an AMAZING player! Provided valuable tips to improve our teamwork (and my game) - would love to play with him again soon! You're in for a treat.

Nathan boosted by Rubén from Gold III to Platinum II on PlayStation 4 19/07/2018

Really good once everything was cleared up

Shayne boosted by Guille from Platinum II to Platinum III on PC 18/07/2018