Joel boosted by Harry from Bronze III to Diamond I on PlayStation 4 20/05/2018

Harry was awesome. Told me everything he needed and then got right to work! It all went by pretty quick with his 42 win streak. Could not be happier!

ToonSmudge boosted by Rubén from Champion I to Champion II on PlayStation 4 19/05/2018

Unbelievably quick. 11 straight wins - champ 1 to champ 2. If you want a fast boost I would 110% advise you use Ruben.

Henry boosted by Koray from Diamond I to Diamond II on PC 19/05/2018

Amazing booster,very friendly. Highly recommended. 5stars

Dj boosted by Koray from Diamond III to Champion I on PC 19/05/2018

Koray was GREAT! Games were quick, fun and very friendly! Great learning experience and great service!

Gazericks boosted by Koray from Gold I to Gold III on PC 17/05/2018

very fast and good