Gal boosted by Carlos from Platinum III to Diamond I on PC 26/05/2018

Very quick and a very nice guy to talk with :)

Kenneth boosted by Thomas from Platinum III to Diamond II on PC 26/05/2018

quick and funny booster, getting boosted while having a laugh what more do you want..

Jason boosted by jens from Diamond III to Champion II on PC 26/05/2018

Best booster I've had so far 10/10

James boosted by Daan from Platinum I to Platinum II on PC 25/05/2018

Daan is no shortage of a legend!! If you want a booster use Daan seriously, he's such a good kind bloke as well as an incredible player GO DAAN

Olly boosted by Massimo from Platinum III to Diamond I on PC 24/05/2018

Friendly and completely safe Boaster