Cody boosted by Rubén from Diamond III to Champion I on PlayStation 4 27/05/2018

Ruben was very professional and was a great player. After a few warm up games (that we won), he was performing at an astonishingly good level. We had our hiccups, but you'll always lose some. We got my goal and that's what matters. I applaud him for sticking through it even though he was in another region and it was 4:30am for him.

I'm not 100% sure how the system works with assigning boosters, but being boosted by a European was A VERY big setback. One of us had to be lagging (which he told me he was fine with), and you can't expect someone to play at a top tier level at 4-5am. If it had been my time (~9pm), in my region, those issues wouldn't have occurred.

Either way, he did an awesome job, and I appreciate his persistence. Would recommend (for a European player) to use.

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Great guy and very good :) would recommend :)

Happy Customer boosted by Jonas from Diamond III to Champion II on PC 26/05/2018

Great Job and a nice person to play with

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Very quick and a very nice guy to talk with :)