Benji boosted by Toni from Platinum II to Diamond I on PlayStation 4 27/05/2018

Really fast boost. Toni is a great guy. Communicates well and gets wins

Adam boosted by Daan from Diamond III to Champion I on XBox 1 27/05/2018

Absolutely amazing! Answered all of my questions and was EXTREMELY helpful and nice! 10/10

Scott boosted by jens from Diamond I to Diamond III on PC 27/05/2018

Awesome player, super user-friendly, would definitely recommend.

Mats boosted by jens from Gold III to Platinum II on PC 27/05/2018

Super friendly guy!
haven't lost a match and gave me some advice on how to play.
very fast service. extremely satisfied!
would choose him again!

joseph boosted by Aaron from Bronze I to Bronze II on PC 27/05/2018

aaron was awesome to play with. i had fun. very good guy. hope i bump into him again. 10/10 would refer to friends