Kyle boosted by Aaron from Diamond II to Champion I on PC 28/05/2018

Awesome player

Deborah boosted by Nawaf from Platinum I to Grand Champion on PlayStation 4 28/05/2018

Very fast

Scott boosted by jens from Diamond III to Champion I on PC 28/05/2018

Second time playing with Jens, it was a lot of fun. If you are thinking of giving the service a try, I would definitely recommend him.

Kyle boosted by jens from Platinum II to Diamond II on PC 28/05/2018

Awesome player. Would recommend

Mark boosted by Kenny from Champion I to Champion III on PC 28/05/2018

So glad to have played with Kenny. He is very kind, patient, and best of all...a GREAT Rocket League player!

He is very disciplined, efficient, and knows when to take breaks (for my own sake). Would love to play with him again soon!