John boosted by Nawaf from Diamond III to Champion III on PlayStation 4 20/12/2017

Was great to play with improved my own skill as well and will definitely choose him as a booster if I get another

Janis boosted by Daniel from Platinum II to Champion I on PC 18/12/2017

very fast and friendly booster. good as always!

Geir boosted by Thomas from Diamond I to Champion II on PC 18/12/2017

Extremely friendly, quick and skilled booster!
Will prob buy a small boost, so i can duo with him again soon.


Lars Ulrich boosted by Ludo from Diamond I to Diamond III on PlayStation 4 18/12/2017

Great fast and answered my pointless questions. So overall perfect.

Rodney boosted by Guille from Diamond II to Grand Champion on PC 17/12/2017

This guy/girl is a monster took them 1 day