ToonSmudge boosted by Rubén from Diamond III to Champion I on PlayStation 4 01/06/2018

Second time Ruben has completed a boost for me, and the second time I've received excellent service. I couldn't recommend this guy any higher.

Jordan boosted by Daniel from Diamond II to Diamond III on XBox 1 01/06/2018

Chill and Awesome person to talk with. The boost was very fast, won ever single match. Highly recommend for fast boosts and awesome chats. Thanks for the boost :)

J boosted by Ben from Champion III to Grand Champion on PC 31/05/2018

Awesome job, very fast and nice guy!

JL boosted by jens from Platinum III to Diamond I on PC 28/05/2018

Jens was a very funny guy to play with. Very fast booster.

I'll miss u dude <3

Monster boosted by Jonas from Diamond III to Champion I on PC 28/05/2018

Good and fast Thanks !