Reviews of Rocket League Boost

Skurr SKurr boosted by Anthonny from Diamond III to Grand Champion on PC - 01/10/2019

faaaaaast friendly and gooood! just the way I like it 10/10 again if I fall in the downhill slump again

John boosted by Daniel from Champion II to Grand Champion on XBox One - 01/10/2019

Definitely top tier player! Friendly and super fast as well. Best RL player on this site without a doubt!

rl love boosted by Jose from Diamond III to Champion I on PC - 30/09/2019

cool mate

Mike boosted by Aaron from Gold III to Platinum II on XBox One - 30/09/2019

Great player, got me to my desired rank quickly, and i felt like I learned a lot in the process. Would definitely recommend Aaron.

yas boosted by Toni from Champion II to Grand Champion on PlayStation 4 - 29/09/2019