Reviews of Rocket League Boost

thuggerthugger boosted by Rafał from Champion I to Champion II on PC - 22/02/2020

Superfast booster. Finished an hour early!

Andrew boosted by Daniel from Champion II to Champion III on PC - 22/02/2020

Friendly and quick.

Santino boosted by Marcos from Platinum I to Platinum III on XBox One - 21/02/2020

Marco did an amazing job. And he told me things to work on. I’ll def request him next time.

Shae boosted by Daniel from Diamond III to Champion I on PC - 21/02/2020

Really awesome, finished really quick, greatly appreciated

Jon.M boosted by Daniel from Champion III to Grand Champion on PC - 21/02/2020

This is the most insane guy i have ever met. he is so quick about anything and he is LEGIT! i think that is worth mentioning since that was my biggest fear. ABSOLUTELY MAD MAN in game, and so god dayum nice in person. took him a little under 2 hours from c3 to gc :o will deffenetly use this guy again! <3