fast and good

I bought, for around 98 bucks with the coupon on Aug 14th a boost from Diamond 3 to champion 2 with a play with booster option. It kept talking to customer service, and after 300 hours of waiting i asked for a refund or if there was a better way. Customer service provided the option for taking the booster option off and be provided with an equal boost of the price i paid. So i was provided with a Diamond 3 to Champion 3 boost.
NOTE: Im xbox and US East so i can see why there wernt really any boosters to accept my boost however keep that in mind when making your order.
Customer service was beyond amazing with their response time and professionalism. Billy here accepted my order within 10 minutes of customer service changing my order. This hard working beast worked on my order from around 12:30 to 11:00 at night. I was following his progress through rank tracker throughout the day and he was grinding like a mf. He is from EU so it was like 5:00 in the morning when he finished and he admited he was tired af. I dont know if you will meet a harder worker than Billy holy this guy was dedicated to finishing the order.

I loved this product, the only thing i dont like is how i waited 300+ hours for my order to be accepted, (note it is a very specific order to play with a booster on US East on xbox). But customer service was great to fix my issue and even contact and reminded the manager. Would recommend this site, just wish i knew how long i would have waited before i purchased this.

awesome dude!

Fast and cool

Very friendly booster

awesome guy!