James boosted by Adrián from Diamond III to Champion I on PC 30/06/2018

Great booster. very nice. very skilled player

Roope boosted by Daan from Gold II to Diamond I on PC 30/06/2018


Tristan boosted by Nathan from Platinum III to Champion II on PC 30/06/2018

He did an amazing job. And was very polite and fast. I will definitely use him again.

Pascal boosted by Harry from Platinum I to Diamond I on PlayStation 4 29/06/2018

Harry is a very good booster player, who plays very safe when playing with him. can only recommend him

Whiff King 23 boosted by Daniel from Diamond III to Champion I on PC 29/06/2018

Very nice guy and we won all games! Duo is worth the price you'll learn how to play, even tho we didnt have much time to play cause we where
done so fast x)