Happy Returning Customer boosted by Andreas from Platinum II to Platinum III on PC 08/04/2017

Had the pleasure of working with Andreas again, another fantastic experience A++++

Spencer boosted by RafaƂ from Gold III to Platinum II on PC 08/04/2017

Very easy to play with
A++ booster 10/10, would attempt to touch the ball again!

-ggs <3

That Guy boosted by Andreas from Platinum I to Platinum II on PC 08/04/2017

Andreas is a trustworthy Professional. He's not only fast and efficient at his job but he's a really nice guy to deal with.

Manuel boosted by Steffen from Platinum III to Champion III on PC 07/04/2017

The Boost took a bit to begin because of the new ranking System (Boost from Platinum 3 - Champ 3). After the boost started it took another 4 Days. This was really quick and well done!

At the end it was worth to wait and after it started its was really quick. The booster was very friendly and told me everytime he wants tp play. He also did me the favor to screenshot all promotions from Champ 1 to 3 and send them to me.

Great Booster - Fast Boosting 10/10. Would buy again.

Manuel ;)

T.A. boosted by Andreas from Silver II to Platinum I on PC 06/04/2017

Outstanding experience, friendly and incredibly helpful booster A++. I will be requesting him for future work.