T.A. boosted by Andreas from Diamond II to Diamond III on PC 25/04/2017

Outstanding service once again.

Jamie boosted by Patryk from Platinum II to Champion I on PC 18/04/2017

If Patryk can't boost you, no one can, even when he's ill! <3

Ninja boosted by Andreas from Gold III to Platinum II on PC 16/04/2017

Playing with Andreas was fun and informative. He's always staying positive and plays really well, almost always guaranteeing a win even when duoing. If I'm placing an order once more, I'll go with him as a booster again.

Blacky boosted by Andreas from Chalenger II to Rising Star on PC 14/04/2017

Duo queing with Andreas is real great. We haven't lost a single match on this order and the 20% extra is really worth it if you take the time and join him on Discord. He's making an effort to implement you in the games and teaches you about stuff.

Joseph Siebeneck boosted by from Gold I to Platinum I on PC 14/04/2017

Fast completion!