THomas boosted by Ognjen for 10 matches 08/05/2018

very nice bosster i reccomend him

Goldleague = rndleague boosted by Jovan for 10 matches 07/05/2018

He had a nice winstreak when rnd goldtrolls happen :)
He gave me 2 extra wins bc the winrate wasnt as high as He expected. Nice Guy, ultra Solid Player. Highly recommend

Rodney boosted by Jovan for 6 matches 02/05/2018

Super fast and very good job.

SickofTrolls boosted by Jovan for 10 matches 29/04/2018

9/10 placement matches won.
Can recommend.

M L boosted by Ognjen for 4 matches 10/04/2018

Very nice Guy, very funny and skilled :)