Raphael boosted by Ognjen for 2 matches 15/12/2017

super friendly and good Booster :D

TOMASZ boosted by Ognjen for 10 matches 14/12/2017

very good booster ! 9:1 !! i recommend !!!

Ruurd boosted by Patrik for 10 matches 14/12/2017

Really quick and friendly service loved it! Thanks again!!

Matteo boosted by Ataman for 7 matches 14/12/2017

Thank you for the nice Boost Ataman!! :)

Arne boosted by Patrik for 10 matches 13/12/2017


Rly good boosting service get a nice win streak in my placements and push me from preseason dia to master 1k =)
all time again.