Reviews of Calibration Matches Boost

Ali boosted by Arsenov for 3 matches - 23/02/2020

very accurate and amazing player .

micele boosted by Nikita for 5 matches - 18/02/2020

What a nice Guy fast indeed and actually won all my games on calibration so need more people like him :D will go towards him again for sure :D

Lars-Andrè boosted by Nikita for 3 matches - 17/02/2020

Once again, this guy boosted me flawless. He also gave tips and hints on what items i should go, and what drafts would be good. Would recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn, win flawless, and at the same time gain experience as a player! :)

Lars-Andrè boosted by Nikita for 2 matches - 16/02/2020

He was really good, he keept controlling the game, saying when to push etc. I would recommend him!

zxc boosted by Vladislav for 7 matches - 14/02/2020

Very helpful and cooperative. Recommend him!