Reviews of Calibration Matches Boost

Mac boosted by Anton for 4 matches - 24/07/2018

he's very good and very fast, play many matches a day, communicates back to u well

R3H boosted by Anton for 5 matches - 24/07/2018

Anton was very fast. He completed five games in 4-5 hours without any loses. If I am coming back, then I will choose the same booster again for sure.

Axx boosted by Andree for 3 matches - 22/07/2018

Easily won a battle cup. RAMPAGEEE! wp

mac boosted by Ivan for 1 match - 14/07/2018

very good he's the best i asked him to play support for my battle pass cavern and he pulled it out right on lol

11111 boosted by Ramil for 1 match - 11/07/2018