Reviews of Calibration Matches Boost

Christian boosted by Stepan for 6 matches - 30/01/2019

Friendly guy! does what i wanted 6 x TBD matches!

Thx for help champ!

AES boosted by Dan for 10 matches - 30/01/2019


Tiger boosted by Sergey for 5 matches - 30/01/2019

Very good and nice booster highly recommend

Irakli boosted by Arsenov for 10 matches - 30/01/2019


NamingIsHard boosted by Ramil for 10 matches - 30/01/2019

Pretty fast, finish 10 calibration matches in just one night
Bought 10 calibration ->6/10
I checked the game statas, basically, the failure are due to incompetent teammates, there are always 2 teammates together deals less than 20% damage