Reviews of Calibration Matches Boost

Nicola boosted by Tobias for 10 matches - 25/01/2018

Very fast, professional and efficient booster.
Excellent player.

khalifa boosted by Ramil for 5 matches - 21/01/2018

simple smooth and fast <3

Stephen boosted by Dmitry for 5 matches - 12/01/2018

Had a brief chat with Dmitry, learnt a lot by just watching him play Safelane Carry. Definitely going to be requesting more from him in the future. :-) A+ would recommend.

Pompei boosted by Arsenov for 10 matches - 03/01/2018

This guy is a Dota Machine

bobby boosted by Kerol for 10 matches - 30/12/2017

Thankyou for boosting my account I appreciate it :)