Sam boosted by Volodimer from 4086 to 5040 30/03/2018

Super fast. The speed actually shocked me. Thanks Volo! Best booster ive seen ever.

Martin Alejandro boosted by Vlad from 962 to 1100 30/03/2018

Friendly and awesome booster !!!!!

newb boosted by Ramil from 2253 to 2353 30/03/2018

huskar god , ez mid.

SCORPION boosted by Alexander from 5602 to 6000 29/03/2018

ONE OF THE BEST BOOSTERS !! imagine having 90% win rate in more than 5700+ mmr games. This guy is insane he's just too good and he did what most boosters failed at. if you want high mmr boost then alex is the guy 10 Star RATED

Matt boosted by Mikhail from 1200 to 1370 29/03/2018

Mikhail was quick and amazing. I can't recommend enough, I learned a lot from watching!