Clinks / Lycan! boosted by Philipp from 4199 to 4300 17/02/2018

Awesome booster! Fast! Great pusher / dominator! Clinks & Lycan pro!

Mayu boosted by Ramil from 4241 to 4370 16/02/2018

My fastest booster by far! Will be personally picking him for future boosts!

Ajith boosted by Dmitry from 4539 to 4700 16/02/2018

Done, thanks for great work!

Alex boosted by Rustam from 1800 to 3500 15/02/2018

Rustam is the kinda guy we all looking for. He did a great job, worked fast and finished the job fast. I will recommend him to annyone.

Megaman boosted by Ali from 3343 to 3443 15/02/2018

Ali is the best!!
He's very friendly and finished his job quickly using the specific hero i choose (Tinker).
Totally recommended.