OD boosted by Ivan from 2600 to 2700 05/02/2018

Ivan did a great job with a 100% win rate, I have watched the replay and played amazing. Thank you so much Ivan

Destiny boosted by Tobias from 1839 to 3000 05/02/2018

Amazing Booster! Nice and very fast. Thank you so much

Ali boosted by Alexander from 2393 to 3000 05/02/2018

Thanx a lot for caliberating my acct to Divine 2. Best booster alexander.))))

lololol boosted by Ivan from 4220 to 4600 05/02/2018


Nikita Fan #2 boosted by Mikhail from 3938 to 4038 04/02/2018

Awesome great work! Got there at the end! Great booster!