MiD boosted by Stepan from 4199 to 4399 28/07/2017

Excellent, Stepan is extremely efficient and very friendly. 10/10

Ammar boosted by Stepan from 3839 to 4050 24/07/2017

Great service. Nice booster.

Johans boosted by Stepan from 4137 to 4700 23/07/2017

Nice Booster. Plays very well with Tinker.
Thank you for your work

Joakim boosted by Vladimir from 2598 to 3000 22/07/2017

Vladimir is a very skillfull player. Highrly reccomend this.

thiha boosted by Sergey from 2900 to 3200 22/07/2017

nice play but i want to learn from different heros played not just one specific hero because while watching stream i m watching all the time but since u always plas arc warden there is nothing much to larn apart from that u are good thanks for boosting and hope to meet u agian thanks