Luigi boosted by Arsenov from 3150 to 4000 17/12/2017

Grewr guy and great player

Chunghoon boosted by Nikita from 3675 to 4200 17/12/2017

Thank you sir

Max boosted by Stepan from 4500 to 4700 17/12/2017

work perfectly done ( + some extra mmr )
again and again a perfect job

X boosted by Milan from 4253 to 4480 16/12/2017

Perfect work quality and speed! Well Done!

Vinicius boosted by Arvin from 3030 to 3200 16/12/2017

Very friendly and commited booster! will definitely request for him again. He destroyed the other team every single game in my account
Pros BRs, podem confiar, esse cara cumpre o que promete.