Ammar boosted by Stepan from 4643 to 4800 31/07/2017

10/10. Would like him to handle all my boosts in the future.

Alex boosted by Ramil from 1834 to 2000 30/07/2017

Ordered boost, was done within a day, with great stats on queen of pain, would recommend. gained from 1834 MMR to 2008 MMR

In DD boosted by Stepan from 2550 to 3050 29/07/2017

Best Booster ever seen, very recommended and friendly, i will comback soon with stepan

MiD boosted by Stepan from 4199 to 4399 28/07/2017

Excellent, Stepan is extremely efficient and very friendly. 10/10

Ammar boosted by Stepan from 3839 to 4050 24/07/2017

Great service. Nice booster.