Megaman boosted by Nikita from 3128 to 3228 26/12/2017

Very friendly and commited booster! will definitely request for him again. He destroyed the other team every single game in my account

Paul boosted by Ramil from 3176 to 3676 24/12/2017

Thanks a lot for this fast and secure boost

MY LORD boosted by Nikita from 820 to 920 24/12/2017

What a surprising quick booster. I'll reboost again with you, Nikita. Recommend

CALVIN boosted by Stepan from 5125 to 5550 24/12/2017

Nice Tinker, really fast boost

Joselito boosted by Tobias from 3020 to 3343 23/12/2017

A very good well mannered booster. he is skilled and completed the boosting very smooth. ill highly recommend him.!