Reviews of Dota 2 MMR Boost

Oliver boosted by Mirvohid from 3800 to 4100 - 18/07/2020

Very good booster

boosted by Denis from 4740 to 4980 - 17/07/2020

Reliable and good

Slobodan boosted by Arsenov from 4260 to 4460 - 17/07/2020

All best

Jonny boosted by Milan from 2670 to 2850 - 16/07/2020

Very fast boost and good player - won me back a little bit MMR i lost because of other players. Would use him again. 5/5

Jjjj boosted by Mirvohid from 5350 to 5700 - 16/07/2020

Crazy good booster. ALWAYS willing to work with me on the time we play together since I wanted duo. Can easily win games in the immortal bracket which not a lot of boosters can do. Would 10/10 use again!