Topo boosted by Artem from 1100 to 2000 11/04/2018

Amazing work from Artem, 1k-2k Done in just a few days amazing win ratio only lost 1 game, Very quick and very easy to talk to, Can not be more thankful :)

Alessio boosted by Mikhail from 3285 to 4200 10/04/2018

From 3200k to 4200 in less than 1 week.
Best booster out there.

Martin Alejandro boosted by Volodimer from 1054 to 1300 09/04/2018

Fast Booster thank you

Slobodan boosted by Denis from 3600 to 3700 09/04/2018

Very good!

Megaman boosted by Alexander from 3517 to 3617 09/04/2018

Really good booster! Stomp every single game!