Joshua boosted by Nikita from 2700 to 3500 09/01/2018

Would defenitiely suggest Nikita as your Dota2 MMR booster. On time and absolutely destroyed the enemy teams!!!!!. 5/5

Anonymous boosted by Michael from 4608 to 5100 08/01/2018

The first booster had a hard time but when mr michael came in he delivered and finished it on a promised time gj

micele boosted by Michael from 2675 to 2930 08/01/2018

Fucking awesome guy fast job game play so awesome he play so well i request him 2 time !!!

Loic boosted by Dmitry from 3966 to 4200 08/01/2018

The work was done so fast. 10/10 Dmitry

Cube Dweller boosted by Tobias from 3100 to 3200 08/01/2018

Friendly guy and great player that gets the job done. He got a couple of bad teams so just decided to own everyone mid with Brood. 5/5.