Loic boosted by Hussain from 3360 to 4100 07/09/2017

Hussain is really cool, the boost was fast, he is friendly, answer me a lot of questions about the game. 5/5 o/

Boris boosted by Denis from 1183 to 1400 07/09/2017

Very polite and professional. Very productive as well. Highly recommended.

LZ boosted by Alexey from 5307 to 5407 06/09/2017

really professional. fast and excellent service

Red boosted by Danil from 2200 to 3700 06/09/2017

66wins 4 losses and his losses were due to really really bad team mate's this guy had average800 gpm xpm and was very efficient 8-10games a day

fabian boosted by Platon from 2436 to 3600 06/09/2017

Planton is a good booster. He spend 5 days to boost 1000+ me for me.